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About Us

Hakkuna Desıgn

Hakkuna, has been rendering a service in manufacture of ready-made clothes since 1999.

After manufacturing many famous brands of the world within the period, since 2014, it has been maintaining the coordination of worldwide manufacturing, R&D and sourcing operations of Tonic Brands’ “Comfyballs”.

We carry on our works in Sandvika (Norway) as main office and in Istanbul (Turkey) as main manufacture office a team total of 7 people.

DESIGN:  It designs all the technical details in the production section of the brand. It guides to manufacturers in the technical design of manufacturing in specific products.

DEVELOPMENT:  It offers innovative solutions that will enhance the brand’s relationship with the “market.”

SOURCING:  HAKKUNA personally undertakes the place of manufacture and R&D activities of all the raw materials, accessories and details in the product. Thus, Quality Standardization is provided even if the brand works with different manufacturers.

For us, Hakkuna provides a new approach in the establishment of coordination between the brand and the manufacturer by synthesizing the knowledge and experience of my 28 years of ready-to-wear textile life.

We ensure that the brand channels its energy only to design and sales rather than to be spent on works such as production, R&D and sourcing. We offer a rapid solution in where the business is carried out by providing 24/7 service to the processes from the order stage to the finalization of the manufacturing. This approach provides a significant advantage for our manufacturers. It maintains continuity and saving of time in manufacturing. This increases profitability.