The experienced and efficient team of Hakkuna Design is capable of handling any customized services that our customers are looking for. We are committed to provide our clients worldclass service packages and generate high level of customer satisfaction.

Some of our regular services are listed below

Fresh Order / OEM Service

Conceptual Product Development


Sample Development

Quality Control



Finished Product Supply

Sourcing Service

Search and Identify Manufacturer/Supplier


Structuring Contract

Quality Inspections

Factory Evaluation

Shipment Monitoring

Logistics Support

Buying / Trading Agent Service

Laboratory Testing

Inspection Service

Initial Product Inspection

During Production Inspection

Final Random Inspection

Loading Supervision

Auditing Service

Factory Audit

Social Audit

Compliance Audit

Local Office Service

Legal Support

Logistics Support

Setup Office for the Client

Maintaining Office



Business Consultation

Legal Support

Logistics Support

Conceptual Development

Project Management

Infrastructure Development

Business Networking



CIRCULAR KNITS (women, men, children, newborn)
WOVEN (shirt, jacket, parka, coat, trousers)
DENIM (jeans, shirt, skirt, dress)
LEATHER (jacket, skirt, trouser)
HEAVY KNIT (including 14, 16, 18 gauge garments)
ACCESSORIES (all type of bags, wallet, belt, hat, towel, bath-robe)

LINGERIE&TRUNKS (woman and men underwear, nightwear and boxers)

Garment Dyed and Garment Washing is possible in all categories.