Manufacturers can be searched by product group, production capacities or other specified criteria. This database allows us to quickly and efficiently find the most suitable manufacturer for our clients’ production needs.

Depends on the products, our factories located in Istanbul, Bursa, İzmir, Düzce, Zonguldak and Denizli.


We regularly visit fabric, embroidery, print, and accessory suppliers to gather new materials. Our merchandisers and freelance designers are on hand to help to exchange this information between the material suppliers and garment manufacturers.


Our experienced and creative designers follow and research new trends, fabrics, accessories, and other textile materials and are able to apply them according to the clients’ fashion concepts and needs


Hakkuna Design has QCs in Turkey for daily follow-up and quality inspections.

To be able to assure service and product quality and to select suitable manufacturers requires real attention and quality consciousness. To achieve this Hakkuna Design files clients’ quality requirements, procedures, and guidelines on a secure database available to the manufacturer. This information is presented to the manufacturer early in the process, ensuring that the clients’ specifications are applied correctly from the beginning. Industry-experienced QCs perform in-line production and final inspections according to AQL methods throughout the production process. The results of which are reported to merchandisers, clients, and manufacturers in a timely manner.


A. Technical Audit
All of our manufacturers’ technical capabilities, facilities, and equipment are audited by our in-house inspectors. The results, which are updated every two years, are reported to the merchandisers.

B. Social / Ethic / Ecologic Audit
Following the technical audit, the manufacturer is then audited by an independent inspections company according to the clients’ requirements for social conditions, labour rights, child-labour policies, environment policies..etc. In the case of improvements needed, Galatea Sourcing follows the corrective action plan to be implemented.