Hakkuna’s Istanbul headquarters was founded in 1999 by Hakan Solmaz. Our employees ensure the flow of reliable information, quick development cycles, and on-time delivery of quality goods that comply with our customers’ standards with a competitive cost structure.

Throughout the years, we have serviced the world’s leading brands and retailers. We are currently serving more than 30 strategic partners, and offer:

  • Fast Fashion Knitted & Woven items, among other categories
  • Fast development and deliveries
  • Global Fabric Sourcing & Development Center
  • In-house technical testing
  • Dedicated merchandising teams to oversee our strategic partners’ specific needs
  • Professional Compliance team

Our long term relationship with key industry leaders helps us create optimal, reliable and flexible solutions to any challenges that may arise.


What we offer in Turkey

We offer our customers a wide range of apparel goods including:

  • All types of Fast Fashion items
  • Variety of products made of Turkish cotton
  • Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s smart, casual circular knits, sweaters, woven, and denim
  • Work-wear
  • Men’s and Women’s tailoring
  • Shirts and blouses
  • Outerwear
  • Woven bottoms (Denim and non-Denim)
  • Underwear, Loungewear & Socks
  • Swimwear
  • Sport/Yoga Leggings and Bras